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Durable SUSTAPEEK manufactured from VICTREX 450G PEEK meets the requirements contained within the NORSOK M-710 scope of oil and gas exploration in hot, corrosive environments –  The right material for your application

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Whether you need a semi-finished product or a machined part, our experts are here to assist you with all aspects of your project. We would be delighted to help you, simple write to: sales@seplastic.com

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Big price rises ahead as raw material costs see record increase.

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Pressure has been growing over the last 6 months on the raw material supply to many of our manufacturers, resulting in price increases for the products they produce. Much of this is due to chemical plants around the world being in a state of Force Majeure which results in shortages of raw materials. On top of this increased demand from other markets, such as automotive, who pay more than sheet manufacturers for plastic resins, is resulting in shortages of raw materials and subsequently cost increases.

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Brexit fuels raw material price increase

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Since the UK decision to exit the EU on June 23rd you will have all seen that the value of the pound on the foreign currency exchanges has fallen significantly.

At this point in time there seems little chance of a sustained recovery in the pound and we are more likely to see further fluctuations over the coming months as negotiations begin in earnest to pursue the enactment of Article 50 – signalling the end of the UK’s participation in the EU.

Specialist Engineering Plastics (SEP) are not exempt from the effects of the currency devaluation and have either seen an immediate cost increase in goods bought in Euro’s and Dollars or have entered in to negotiations with suppliers who invoice in sterling who are facing up to 15% losses in revenue. After years of sustained cost control and keeping price increases to a minimum, neither SEP or its suppliers will be able to absorb these cost increases and will have to pass them on into the UK market.

Up until this point none of our suppliers have panicked and have tried to give the pound time to recover, but, with that prospect diminishing, we have to raise prices during October 2016.

Rest assured that both SEP and its suppliers will closely monitor the exchange rates and if improvements occur will review the decisions made – making any amendments that are necessary and sustainable.

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Compression Moulded PTFE billets

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Manufactures to suit your machined part size. Custom made compression moulded virgin and filled PTFE billets to your specified size of diameter, wall thickness and length.


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How can you save time and material?

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SUSTAPEEK sheets now in 3, 4 & 5 mm thickness


The new thicknesses enable you to reduce cost and machining time in the production process. At the same time, they also open up completely new design possibilities.

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Lightweight material for aerospace

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SEP provides material solutions for the most demanding of applications. With a wide portfolio of products to aid the design and build of lightweight, safe long lasting aircraft.

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Playing it safe! – Plastics for direct contact with food

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food_imageThe majority of our food today is produced using industrial equipment.

Foodstuffs pass through various manufacturing steps in production facilities and thus also come into contact with machined parts.

Which is why construction materials must meet the strict requirements.

To find out more about our extensive range please click here to view our latest news flash.

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High Performance Plastics: PEEK with carbon fibre reinforcement

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With SUSTAPEEK CM CF30 and SUSTAPEEK CF 30 we are able to provide pressed and extruded with 30% carbon fibre reinforcement PEEK. These materials complement our existing range of high performance materials.

Great Strength and rigidity with minimal density
Electrostatically conductive
Outstanding dimensional stability
Continuous operating temperature of up 250°C
Flame-retardant (UL 94 VO)

For more information download our news flash
PEEK with carbon fibre reinforcement ClickHere
High performance plastics for motorsports ClickHere

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Lining systems for optimised bulk material handling

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Wherever bulk materials are transported, stored or further processed, wear and caking cause stoppages in the work process. Flow ability is of particular importance for the mass flow. Conventional steel surfaces become rough or corrode and bulk sticks.

Excellent solution for wear and corrosion problems Matrox

The products of the Matrox® range combine the best surface friction qualities with abrasion resistance. Matrox® promotes the flow of bulk materials like coal, iron ore and salt but also withstand the abrasion of flowing bulk materials in rugged applications.

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LubX® CV – the new benchmark for sliding materials

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For higher speed and better productivity

Specifically designed for the conveyor technology industry; The high performance sliding material is now available to operate at higher speeds for improved productivity.

Röchling has developed LubX® CV: Especially for systems to be operated at higher speeds and therefore higher productivity. LubX® CV has exceptionally good sliding properties and at the same time exhibits a very low temperature development. Both results in lower wear and a longer lifespan of the entire system. Speziell für Anlagen, die mit höheren Geschwindigkeiten und somit höherer Produktivität betrieben werden sollen, hat Röchling LubX® CV entwickelt. LubX® CV verfügt über außergewöhnlich gute Gleiteigenschaften bei gleichzeitig niedrigster Temperaturentwicklung. Beides hat einen geringeren Abrieb und eine lange lebensdauer des gesamten Systems zur Folge.

LubX® CV lower wear and a longer lifespan

LubX® CV – Let the facts convince you

Ideal for systems to be operated at higher speeds and therefore higher productivity.  LubX® CV has exceptionally good sliding properties and at the same time exhibits a very low temperature development. Both results in lower wear and a longer lifespan of the entire system.

Your benefits with LubX® CV

  • Reduced energy consumption
  • Less stress on all parts of the conveyor system
  • Significantly reduced temperature development
  • Long life
  • Increased process stability
  • Lower noise emission
  • Shorter run-in phase
  • Longer maintenance intervals

Properties of LubX® CV

  • Excellent sliding properties even at higher velocities and pressure loads
  • Excellent dry running properties
  • High wear resistance
  • Food Compliance according 10/2011/EU, 1935/2004/EC, FDA
  • GMP-compliant according to 2023/2006 EC
  • Good machinability


Sliding and conveyor parts for Conveyor technology, Automation, Food industry

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